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My happy ending!

After losing my son at 22 weeks two days before my 16th birthday, I was so worried about having another baby. I just didn’t want to go through all of the heartache all over again. I and my partner of 2 years decided we would take a pregnancy test every month as a routine check.

So on a normal day, on my way home from the supermarket I thought I'd pop in and get a test from the chemist quickly. I got home and told my other half I picked one up and I was going to take it and he said okay!! I went to the toilet and did the test and within seconds two pink lines appeared as clear as air!! I was in total shock so I called my partner and he said I might have done it wrong, it was obvious how anxious he felt. He suggested I take a new test just to be sure, so I did.  In total we took 6 tests and they all had the same very clear pink lines, and plus a clear blue test had also confirmed I was 2-3 weeks pregnant.

Me and my partner became distant for a couple of weeks and then we agreed to sit down and talk, he explained the reason he became distant was because he was so scared we might miscarry another baby but we agreed to carry on with the pregnancy and he was amazing. He got a better paying job and started to buy everything. At 6 weeks we had a scare as I started bleeding he took me to the hospital and was told it was only an implantation bleed and it was nothing to worry about!! To cut a long story short I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl at 41+3 weeks, 04:08am and weighing 8lb 4oz we named her Ava!! The moment she was born I knew I would do my best to ensure she has the best up bringing me and her daddy could possible give to her!! She hasn't ruined our lives she has made us the happiest people on earth and we are thankful to be blessed with her!!

Jaymee 18, from London

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