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My life as a teenage mum

Read the story of Solange, how she refused to stay in an abusive relationship, caring for a child with special needs and getting through full time education.

My happy ending!

After losing my son at 22 weeks two days before my 16th birthday, I was so worried about having another baby. I just didn’t want to go through all of the heartache all over again. I and my partner of 2 years decided we would take a pregnancy test every month as a routine check.

How young is young?

Read the story of Allia who struggle to get help because she was either too old to be considered a teen/young mum or too young to fit in what they call ‘normal’ mums groups.

I'm a mum of 2 gorgeous kids! Had my first 1month after my 21st birthday and my second when I was 24. You may now think 'right, she not a young mum but a grown adult, so why is she writing this? Well, I still consider myself as a young mum and I think everyone under the age of 25 with a child should be considered a young mum!

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