Letter to my absent father

Is it really true that many of us become teenage parents because we were brought up by a single parent? Just think about it. Anyway, this isn’t me trying to make my father look like a monster which I am sure he isn’t he just fell into the ‘make a run for it when you don’t wear the condom and refuse to take responsibilities’ box, he refused to be associated with these fathers who have nothing else to do but to love their kids, oh how could they?. But I wish I had a father, like many other children do, and yes! Sometimes I really want to be daddy’s girl, so here is a letter I wrote to my birth father.

How to avoid debts!

In many ways I've been quite lucky financially. When my son was between ages of 2 and 5 we were able to live with my parents and just pay £100 a month board. They also provided childcare for my son when I was studying and for times when I was working. When I bought my first house they contributed to the deposit.

“Oh I am pregnant!”

What was your first reaction when you first found out you were pregnant? Here’s my story.

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