Why help us

Why help us

Many teenage mothers describe how motherhood makes them feel stronger, and marks a change for the better. The problem is that not many teenage parents receive the necessary help needed to become fully independent, instead they are scrutinised by society and very low is expected from them. We think different! In fact we believe that becoming a teenage mother is an opportunity not a catastrophe.

Teenage parents are often excluded from education, training and employment, particularly when they are already socially disadvantaged

Teenage parents and their children are more likely to have socio-economic disadvantage and have poor life outcomes. Too many teenage mothers suffer physical, mental and emotional health problems. All too often teenage parent families live in poverty. We help them achieve better outcomes - for themselves and for their children.

We need your support in order to make that change!

Ways you can help us! (Please choose the font)

  • Donate; we value any contribution you can make to help us the best services to young parents and their children. 
  • Mentor or sponsor a teenage parent. Contact us today.
  • Support us: you can give up your time, skills and knowledge that may benefit our work in any way, why not get in contact?

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