What we do

What we do

Our friendly ‘Team Youngmamas’ create a safe and fun place where you are not judged, where you can get advice or answer other young parents’ questions. This website gives you the opportunity to take part in discussions, find out about our next meets up and join our groups in your area plus so much more.

We give the opportunity to young mothers to join our ‘team Youngmamas’. This allows many teen/young parents to gain new skills such as leadership and teamwork and development people management skills. A ‘Team Youngmamas’ member would organise meets ups in their areas; attend our residential and fun days out.

Next year will be a new era for Youngmamas as we begin to organise weekends away for young parents with the aim to empower and network.

We work WITH teen and young parents and NOT for them, that’s what makes us different. This allows us to understand their needs, their ambitions and dreams, their fears and struggles, so that we can develop a better working relationship.

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